"Using PetPro is like hiring someone to manage all of your administrative details... just a lot cheaper, and 24/7 availability."

"It alows you to spend more time finding clients for your business rather than getting bogged down in your business!"

"Thank you to you and your staff for your extraordinary customer service and assistance, I am sincerely grateful."

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As the owner of a Pet sitting - Pet walking service...
Do you struggle with Scheduling? Do you Struggle with Billing?
Do you need solutions?
We have answers!

When we ask owners of pet sittng services the question; "What is the single largest object that stands in the way of you growing your business?" the overwhelming response is ,"the administrative duties of running the business." Specifically what tasks you ask? The list is long, but it is always topped by coordinating the scheduling process and handling the billing.

As one owner explained, "First you get a call from a client that wants to schedule services. You have to stop whatever you are doing, pull out your schedule pad and verify that the requested time slot and walker are available. Once that is done, you have to turn right around and call your walker so they can update their schedule. When that is done, you still need to make one more call to your client and confirm that someone will be there to feed or walk their pet and that is when everything goes smoothly."

Once the service has been completed a whole new set of challenges lie ahead as you have to create invoices and get them in the mail, or lookup the clients credit card information and key the information into the card terminal, all the time hoping that you did not forget to bill one of your clients.

So, why not hire a personal assistant? Easy, too much money and it is just someone else to keep track off. Right? Typically yes, but not when you hire the Pet Professional. "The Pet Professional software system manages it all for you, the scheduling, the invoicing, the collections, and the staff, allowing you to spend more time working ON your business rather than getting bogged down IN your business!" - Michael E. Gerber

The PetPro software application is designed from the ground up to manage the administrative duties of todays pet walking professional. Wether you access the system from your laptop, I-Pad, or your smart phone our simple intuitive interface allows you instant access to your data, helping to eliminate the busy work of caring for your business, your customers and your staff.

Why spend time on the phone or glued to a desk doing paperwork when you could be focusing on growing your clientele? What if you could run your business from anywhere you have access to the internet? You can with PetPro. This feature rich and easy to use web based software application is a fast and cost effective way to manage your walkers, clients, scheduling and billing without having to hire a human assistant.

Check out some of the features PetPro has to offer.

Web Based - All your busniess information is stored remotly on our servers. You never have to worry about losing precious information due to lost, stolen or failed hardware again. It also means you can access your PetPro account anytime anyplace through your I-Pad or smart phone.

Totally secure - PetPro uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt sensitive data and ensure secure transactions. Important information such as credit card numbers are double ecrypted.

Client side scheduling - You can allow your clients to schedule and edit their own services. PetPro even notifies your service providers of scheduling changes for you. You can also make changes to the schedule on the fly through the scheduling calendar.

Billing - Once a task is finished, your staff can access PetPro and mark the job completed. Our billing system then creates your clients invoices and auto bills their credit card taking the guess work out of the billing process.

More sevices to get your business up and going.

If you have a current web site, or choose not to host your company web site with us, links to your Pet Professional service will be provided to you easy integration into your current company site.

If you wish to change hosting providers we offer a special rate of $5/month (which includes e-mail accounts; name(s)@yourdomain.com). This will be automatically added to your monthly service fee if you choose this option (available for all Pet Professional models).

If you do not currently have a company web site, a single page site will be provided at no additional charge. Content on this page (pricing, contact info, etc) can be edited through your Pet Professional account (admin view).

More features...