"Using PetPro is like hiring someone to manage all of your administrative details... just a lot cheaper, and 24/7 availability."

"It alows you to spend more time finding clients for your business rather than getting bogged down in your business!"

"Thank you to you and your staff for your extraordinary customer service and assistance, I am sincerely grateful."

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Current Pricing

Pet Professional has three versions to choose from; Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The Silver and Bronze versions are scaled down models of the Gold. The main feature differences can be seen in the matrix below. Our free demo gives you access to the Gold version. Please note that the shopping cart option is only available in Gold and does require an additional one time setup fee. There is also an additional monthly fee for this service. Please contact us directly for pricing regarding the cart system option.

You may switch between versions at anytime for a $25 processing and transfer fee. No data is lost during this process, and your site will be up and running during the transfer process.

Feature Description Bronze Silver Gold
Pre Paid System Allows your clients to purchase services on a prepaid basis, while having Pet Professional manage the balances. $40/month no set-up fee $55/month no setup fee Variable(*) $125 set-up fee
Invoicing System Auto Invoicing System allows you to automate client invoicing. Also has manual invoice builder $40/month no set-up fee $55/month no setup fee Variable(*) $125 set-up fee
Client Scheduling Allows your clients to directly schedule services into their schedule. $40/month no set-up fee $55/month $125 set-up fee Variable(*) $125 set-up fee
Recurring Rules Automatic scheduling feature that runs a monthly process to generate client (you have set days) schedules for the next month. $40/month no set-up fee $55/month no setup fee Variable(*) $125 set-up fee
Billing Provides a place to upload invoices so that your clients can pay online. In the Gold version it also shows payment history for every payment made (prepay or invoice) $40/month no set-up fee $55/month $125 set-up fee Variable(*) $125 set-up fee

(*) The pricing of the Gold version is based on a per client basis. There is a minimum monthly fee of $35. The following scale describes the variable pricing model:

At the end of each month our Admin/Billing system runs a query against your Pet Professional system to determine how many "active" clients you have. "Active" clients are defined as any client with scheduled events for that month. This number is what's used to compute your next months licensing fee. An invoice breaking this down will be sent to you 1 business day before your credit card is processed. If we do not receive any objections to your invoice, your credit card will be charged. All sales after the credit card is processed are final.

The initial setup charge of $125 (for all models), includes site/database setup and use of PetPro Software secure certificate (for online transactions within your Pet Professional system, i.e. client payments). Optionally you may use a certificate with your own company name. The setup fee, maintenace fee of the certificate and the yearly cost of the secure certificate will be billed to the credit card we have on file.

Domain name registration and obtaining a private secure certificate (not required) are available for additional fees.